Programmatic Advertising Trends to Follow This Year

The emergence of various social media platforms and websites is enabling the Programmatic advertising industry to play an even greater role. The rapid expansion of products and services is providing multiple opportunities for the marketing sector to grow significantly. If you want to turbo-charge your business online, here are some programmatic advertising trends you should follow…

  1. Location-Based Advertising
  2. Digital advertising uses IP addresses to display location-specific ads, such as recommendations to nearby restaurants and supermarkets that are relevant to mobile users. Advertisers can use this technology to show relevant ads to the customers at the most appropriate time. Using Beacon technology, an advertiser can gather data about a user’s offline activity, and track customers who end up visiting a store after seeing the promotion.

  3. Visual Search in Advertising
  4. Visual search is increasingly becoming popular and convenient for many people online. For example, 70% of users surfing on Pinterest purchased a particular product as they found it on the platform. With the advancement of AI, visual search delivers the most relevant results to the users. Advertisers can have their ad displayed next to the product they are searching for.

  5. Mobile Video Advertising
  6. The mobile approach not only dominated the web traffic but also the advertising industry. Growing demand for video consumption is visible around the world, especially after Covid-19. Many brands are making mobile-friendly ads that adapt to the mini-screens. For advertisers, it is a great trend to join the short video feature, and create mobile-friendly content that could go viral.

  7. Introducing New Ad Formats
  8. To successfully monetize the ad inventory, the publishers should adopt highly-engaging ad formats that improve the customer’s ad experience, increase engagement, and bring sufficient revenue. To maximize the ad inventory, the advertiser must experiment with popular ad formats, such as pop-up ads, mobile banner ads, mobile interstitial ads, and so on.

  9. Programmatic Video Advertising
  10. Video advertising is likely to be one of the most influential methods in the near future. With the upcoming 5G technology, data-intensive videos will be displayed in various formats, and on multiple screens, such as 360 panorama and virtual reality. According to surveys, the pandemic has pushed the companies to utilize these technologies and display user-centric ads to enhance user experience on websites. The visitors to these portals get to see engaging, entertaining, and informative content through videos, resulting in enhanced ad revenue.

Soon, the advertising industry will focus on efficiency more than numbers. The larger objective would be to display relevant ads at the right moment, and boost ad revenue. Therefore, advertisers should include programmatic advertising into their digital marketing strategy. If you are an advertiser who wants to grow your digital presence, contact our experts at Responsive Media Tech Services. We could help you become more efficient.