5 Ways Marketers And Advertisers Can Take Advantage Of Augmented And Virtual Reality

Technology is ever-changing, and so are the tastes of consumers. Therefore, we have to stay a step ahead of customer expectations. When virtual reality (VA) and augmented reality (AR) first made their appearance, consumers were excited about the many possibilities. While AR/VR are continuously evolving, the marketing and advertising world is bringing certain changes in the business to keep up with technology. If you are a marketer or publisher looking to incorporate AR and VR in your marketing strategies, this blog post will help you implement a strong marketing strategy.

Understanding Augmented And Virtual Reality In Marketing And Advertising Space

Virtual and augmented reality are brightening things up in the marketing landscape already. Big companies are employing the tools to great effect, and investing heavily in this relatively new technology to create fresh experiences for users. There have been many opportunities to introduce in the video and smartphone fields as well. Agencies and publishers are experimenting with AR/VR that promise to change the scenery of advertising, marketing and PR over time. Here are some interesting roles that augmented and virtual reality can play in marketing and advertising in the near future.

  1. Catching Customer’s Attention
  2. As technology changes the way consumers find and engage with the product, companies need to find attractive ways to build brand visibility and authenticity. Augmented reality offers unique opportunities to connect with users that traditional methods cannot achieve. AR is an incredible and unique opportunity that can quickly reach a large number of consumers in a brand-safe environment. The cool tech provides an entirely new medium for advertising. Right from drive playtime and advocacy with customers to educating them on products and features, AR offers a win-win situation to all.

  3. Targeting of AR/VR Gaming Audience
  4. Augmented and virtual reality has the most potential in the gaming and video sphere. The tool has the sophistication required to immersively engage the gamers. Many marketers are using virtual reality in their marketing campaigns to offer engrossing customer experience to their audience. The concept of 3D has gone to another level with the help of VR as it is both versatile and engaging.

  5. Geolocalizing Customer Experience
  6. Digital advertisers utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to examine user behavior and interests to provide better services and product choices to the right individual. Different from conventional hyperlocal promotions, AR geolocalized promotions are vivid in nature as they can indicate objects on a phone’s screen. The tech not only acts as an educational tool but also guides them with precise directions.

  7. Offering Unique and Affordable Advertising
  8. Despite the fact that digital advertisements are incredibly popular, conventional print advertisements can be a bit costly. Augments and virtual advertising methods are more moderate and undeniably more vivid than a print ad. The added advantage comes with its unique and endless opportunities to play out with the AR/VR techniques without stretching too much of your pockets.

  9. Boosting Sales
  10. VR and AR advertising offers different routes for promoters to expand their sales volumes through sponsored experiences. AR assets can be easily generated representing their physical goods to enable a virtual product trial experience. Allowing customers to try digitally and interact with products before purchasing should not only boost sales but also enhance return rates and overall customer experience. AR can also be used to allow customers to get more information on products, pricing, availability, and the virtual experience of trying the product, before buying it.

Clearly, AR and VR marketing is here to stay because it works wonders. As more companies come together in incorporating these cool tools in their strategies, expect to see campaigns that seamlessly integrate with other strategies for the best user experience.

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